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Document Management Solutions

What's a Document Management System?


Documents are a crucial part of any office and managing them can be a daunting job. Often, when we think of document management systems, the first thing that springs to mind is an office that has no paperwork. However, a document imaging service or management solution doesn't mean a paper-free office. Rather, it manages documents in a manner that makes them easily accessible, depending on personal convenience.


It stores information in your preferred medium and, therefore, helps save space and time. Of course you need a computer if you want to use a document management system.


Document management programs are widely available the world over. Here are some of the terms you need to know about document shredding services and management systems:


Electronic document management program


This is especially effective for a large stash of electronically made documents. An electronic document management program helps to locate and correctly display any document that's being sought. It can also help to provide a summary of documents as well as different versions of a source document.


Optical character recognition


This actively recognizes and decodes characters that are printed on some physical media such as a normal paper.


Electronic document capture


Image conversions, scanning and text recognition fall under this category. Here, paper media is simply turned into soft copies. Through electronic document capture, both the cost-effectiveness and accessibility of documents improve significantly. This is also used to quickly and cost-effectively distribute soft copy documents to people.


Electronic record management program


There are various concerns when there's a specific need to manage records in a very ordered way. Examples include patient reports and pay rolls. This system manages such documents properly by making them easily accessible.


Work flow management


Vital documents have to be accessible to the concerned people all the time. Work flow management systems help with this, and they are very good and cost effective document management solutions for your company.


Web content management


This system specifically helps to manage sites in an orderly manner. There are many web documents which have to be stored as well as published in any site. This requires several permissions. This system can take care of such needs.


There are different features and terms that make up document management systems. According to these explanations, you can choose the system that best addresses your specific business requirements. Later, you can search and set up the program in your business. Hopefully, this will maximize productivity in your company.


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